In a nutshell...

Here at The Fresh Prep Kitchen, we pride ourselves with ensuring that every meal is prepared from fresh ingredients and not frozen! We also make sure to use the best quality ingredients we can find, to give our customers healthy and great tasting meals, everytime.

FREE DELIVERY. Delivery to Southampton and surrounding areas.
To ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible we ask for all containers to be cleaned and ready for collection on your next delivery day.

We're proud of our ways and we promise to keep our ingredients fresh, forever.

Our 5-step process

We work on a 5 step process, and this is how we continue to pack freshness into each and every one of our meals for our clients.

Step 1

Procure the best ingredients for your fresh prep meals

Step 2

Prep work completed by our team with 20+ years experience

Step 3

Carefully & induvidually package up each and every meal

Step 4

Deliver your meals to your door up to twice a week

Step 5

Pop your meals in to the microwave and you're done!

A note from the chef

Luke Donovan
Head Chef at The Fresh Prep Kitchen

“I started The Fresh Prep Kitchen having discovered that most online meal prep services on the market were either supplied frozen, or came as an ingredients box that you had to prepare and cook yourself. I wanted to cut out both of these drawbacks and offer an amazing service with great tasting healthy meals delivered to your door, all ready to go with no preparing or cooking involved!

My 10+ years experience in the catering industry has taught me a lot, discovering what people want from their food wise, as well as the service they need, so we combine the two together perfectly at The Fresh Prep Kitchen.

The food is great, and we take care of our customers properly, providing a personal touch that you don’t get from major food prep companies.”